Legacy Point staff is also trained in the balanced literacy model of writing. Similar to the reading model, this framework also has five elements that center around a writing workshop. 

5 Components of Balanced Literacy in Writing

Modeled Writing 

Modeled writing requires the teacher to do all or most of the thinking and talking and all of the writing. 

“Nothing, absolutely nothing, you will ever do as a teacher will be more powerful than modeling writing in front of your students.” Vicki Spandel - Write This Way: How Modeling transforms the Writing Classroom by Kelly Boswell 

Shared Writing
A writing experience that invites students to collaborate with the teacher to create a piece of writing. The teacher and students construct a piece together, both contributing ideas, with teacher acting as scribe. 

“When you write with your students, you show them what writing is for. You show them the ‘why’ of writing and how to negotiate the journey from the germ of an idea to a final copy.” Donald Graves - A Fresh Look at Writing 

Interactive Writing
Teacher and students collaboratively work together to jointly construct and compose meaningful text .

“Interactive writing provides a means for teachers to engage in effective literacy instruction, not through isolated skills lessons, but within the framework of constructing texts filled with personal and collective meaning.”

Guided Writing
A bridge between shared writing and independent writing that provides students with scaffolded support and tools that lead to independence. 

“Young writers need instruction. They do not improve their writing skills simply because teachers require them to write (Englert, 1992). ... Guided writing provides an important context for teachers' in-the-moment assessment and immediate instructional scaffolding of students' construction of their own, individual texts.”

Independent Writing & Conferring
Students apply their understandings of the writing process and the writer’s craft as they demonstrate their ability to write in a variety of contexts.

“By allowing time for children to write, they expand their writing skills and apply spelling, grammar, and punctuation.” Farmington Literacy Instruction 
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